Layout Configuration for Rendering

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Layout Configuration for Rendering

Post by ghandi762005 » 25 Oct 2018, 10:39

<t>The setup:<br/>
I have 4 Displays FHD size 1920x1080.<br/>
3 Screens are Mosaic setup<br/>
The Problem:<br/>
when working in Designer with Full screen render view I get wrong layout although the Configuration is enabled in Stage Editor.<br/>
when exporting to VPR and run, the layout works perfect.<br/>
In Designer the layout is following the Mosaic setup mode which have all screens aligned horizontally.<br/>
but VPR is following Ventuz Layout Configuration.<br/>
Please check attached images for better illustration.</t>
VPR_Correct layout.jpg
Designer workspace_full screen render_wrong layout.jpg
Layout_Configuration Editor.jpg

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Re: Layout Configuration for Rendering

Post by Karol » 25 Oct 2018, 16:17

Hi Ghandi,

Designer always starts in 'Cluster Design Preview'!
See manual: ... tml?itm=70

Best Regards

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