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Touch from outside Geometry

Posted: 25 Apr 2019, 13:05
by sribas
Hello Guys !

I would like to know if it's possible to use touch transformation when my finger is already pressed on the screen, but come from outside the geometry linked to the touch transform, then use it if my finger is inside (kill my english, i'll make an example)

example :

Finger start to touch screen on A, then i would like my finger slide to point B and touch transformation node moving (but it actually don't, i can see "touch enter", "touch leave" events sent but values don't follow finger).

(same problem if i use reset function while touching, touch will not work until i remove my finger from the screen and put it back into geometry)


Re: Touch from outside Geometry

Posted: 29 Apr 2019, 09:35
by Karol
Hi scribas,

this is not possible with the current implementation of our touch system.

Best Regards

Re: Touch from outside Geometry

Posted: 14 May 2019, 08:40
by chriss0212
It should be possible, with the TouchRipple in combination with some logig on TouchEnter of the Mesh.

Solution gets more complicated, if it is a multi touch screen, but still possible.