Scrolling Text from Excel Spreadsheet

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Scrolling Text from Excel Spreadsheet

Post by ShawnMillerFVP » 15 May 2018, 19:50

I'm trying to build a lower third scroll of donors coming from an excel spreadsheet on the client's networked computer. I'm trying to use scrolling text to simply add a cell with the donors name, followed by a cell with their donation, and then then continue moving down the columns and repeating - updated live as the night goes on. I'm having trouble getting the scroll to show more than just one name at a time - any advice? Thanks

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Agalar Ragimov
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Re: Scrolling Text from Excel Spreadsheet

Post by Agalar Ragimov » 21 May 2018, 07:22

One of the solution is to create a Container with Text connected only to one of the cell from an excel spreadsheet.
Put all of them under Arrange node.
Create a logic that calculates the height for each cell to adjust the scroll each time when you add a cell with the donors name. You have to block block Container when cell is empty.
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Re: Scrolling Text from Excel Spreadsheet

Post by Eric_RD » 13 Jun 2018, 09:15

Maybe you can have a look inside the manual looking for
"Arranger" (as Agalar already said), "Layout" and "Ticker".
So you don't need the scroll text node
Just arrange normal 2D Block Texts and let them scroll with the ticker....

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