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Substance Painter - Export Presets

Post by Dennis » 25 Oct 2016, 12:55

Hey guys,

finally.. ... the "Export Presets for Substance Painter2"
Please keep in mind to use the latest version of SubstancePainter. The Presets and the DemoCube where made with SP 2.4.1!

  • - Updated the Presets for 2.4.1.
    - Presets now bake the Metal into the Basecolor, this is the so called "Specular Workflow"
:!: there is still a bug for the normal maps but i have a workaround from their forums:
(snip)...I reproduced the issue and I even know why it's happening.

I'm logging the issue in our database, meanwhile I have a workaround :
- Add a normal channel to your texture set
- Change the "normal mixing" setting to "combined"
- Add a fill layer at the top of your layer stack
- Change the blending mode of the normal channel to "normal" (See : ... ding+modes )

Everything should be exported now and without any artifacts/strange behaviors. (snap)
In my case i had to put the "fill layer" to the BOTTOM of my stack, else all other textures will be gray.

Attached you will find the Export Presets, i will explain their channel mapping a bit:

This is the basic Export Preset for Ventuz5. It will simply create all available maps, a single texture for each channel. This can be used in combination with the "TextureSet" import with V5.
You can combine and compact them on your own and also modify them easy.

Sidenote: You can export to any kind of supported format.. tga.. png... jpg and so on.

This preset will create "compact" textures. This means you have to manually map the channels inside of the material node. For example:
The "BaseAO" will have the BaseColor in the RGB channel while the AO is inside the Alpha. If you import that texture in Ventuz you should map the Alpha->BaseColor, Multiply.
The compact textures will save a LOT of your materialstages and do not waste the alphas. very handy .. not? :) 8-)

This is a special set, basically its the same as the "Ventuz5_Compact" but has and can be used with a "baking light filter" .. watch this:

This preset exports single maps, including the emissive channel.


Please put the downloaded presets either into:
..\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter 2\resources\shelf\allegorithmic\export-presets\
..\Documents\Substance Painter 2\shelf\export-presets\
And to check and test everything i send you my beloved "DemoCube" :P

You can Download the SubstancePainter Presets here:

Substance Painter Presets

You can Download the DemoCube for SP 2.4.1 (110mb) here:

I hope you enjoy the Presets and the DemoCube. The Material on the DemoCube is a standard "shipped with SubstancePainter" Material, which is just altered in the color.
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Re: Substance Painter - Export Presets

Post by Christoph » 26 Oct 2016, 08:20

Great, thank you verry much!

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Re: Substance Painter - Export Presets

Post by Dennis » 07 Nov 2016, 15:24

UPDATED to SP v2.4.1!!



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Re: Substance Painter - Export Presets

Post by Dennis » 17 Jul 2017, 10:34

UPDATED to Substance Painter 2017.01!!

Attached you find the Substance Painter 2017.01 Presets.
Just 2 Presets:

Ventuz 5 - Set : Which is a basic textureset including the emissive channel
Ventuz 5 - Compact : Which is the more compact version, using the Alpha channels and an additional emissive channel.
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