Warping from Designer to projectors

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Warping from Designer to projectors

Post by Samotar26 » 26 Jan 2017, 11:27

Hello everybody,

i would be thankfull if anybody could help me again in my times of need. This time for projection

Im currently using two projectors and overlaping them. I have a project in designer with a video that i want to send there. I know how to blend and warp it, i have watched the Ventuz tutorial for that, but what i cant figure out is this:

- V4 designer is running and i want to warp the image and see it on projectors from the designer
- right now i have prepared Layout configuration in the editor, but it doesent warp the output from designer which i am currentrly running
- the only way im able to see the warping is that if save the scene as a: file.vpr and then upload it to ventuz configurator to Live project management and start it
- the problem is, that if i do that, then the deisgner closes and i cant do any changes to the project if i need to do that during projection
- and if im correct, i have tried some simple keyboard actions like stopping and reseting the video, but as i tried, i couldnt use those butons during projecting from Live project management.
- so what i want to achieve, is to have a running designer where i can change what i need during show, but the output to be affected with what i have set in Layout configuration in the Configuration Editor.

I have no idea what part im missing to get that going.

I got two projectors with HDMI connection and sending to both of them Full HD and one working monitor next to PC.

I hope i have explained it in an understandable way, im really sorry for my english and low explaining skills.

Im really thankfull for the help i have received here before, hope i will be able to find a solution to this mine problem as well.

Thank you for your time.

With best regards,


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Re: Warping from Designer to projectors

Post by lerou » 26 Jan 2017, 12:03


try opening the Stage Editor in Designer (View->Stage Editor or Ctrl-F12). Click on "ID 1" (the 1 depends on your machine ID) and select Production Preview.

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Re: Warping from Designer to projectors

Post by Samotar26 » 28 Jan 2017, 17:35

Hello Rou,

thank you a lot, that was exactly what i needed, i guess there are still a lot of places that i need to find out :D, thank you again.

Now i gotta figure out how to project correctly on a 3D object 8-) gotta be fun :D

Thank you and have a nice day.


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