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Re: cluster synchronization

Post by joschy » 23 Oct 2015, 09:57

lerou wrote: So I need to set the two machines to client and master, respectively. Or two machines are set to single?

Question is, what are you doing?! The Master/Client setting you're talking about is used for the interaction (TUIO).

If you're just using OSC to control things (like starting an animation) that has nothing to do with that setting. In that case you just send your OSC signal to all cluster machines - by using Multicast. The cluster sync is implicitly active if you set up your cluster correctly (same group ID, different IDs for the machines). The lowest ID becomes the master for the cluster clock.

cy001316 wrote: Thank you for your reply.
I was a novice, is a beginner, the first use of ventuz cluster rendering, I want to do is to use OSC control in the cluster two machines. Now the problem is that OSC can only control a machine,if I do not use multicast address, can achieve?
as lerou mentioned, the master/slave has nothing to do with OSC and it will be configured during the machine ID's... If your controlling OSC software is not able to use multicast, you must use the OSC instruction twice. One with the IP from machine one and the other with the IP of the other machine. May be you can configure a batch or something, that both commands will execute short one after another.
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Re: cluster synchronization

Post by lerou » 23 Oct 2015, 10:16

The multicast IP should work in any software, as multicasting/broadcasting is part of the network stack. Means: the software has nothing to do other than to send the message to the special IP.

But you have to setup the IP in your OSC Input nodes! Otherwise it won't work.

It also depends on the network/routers - they might not allow multicasting/broadcasting.

Apart from that: yes it works like that. Setup a multicast IP in your OSC sending software. Setup the multicast IP in your OSC Input nodes - on all cluster machines. Done.


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