Most reliable TouchButton-Output?

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Most reliable TouchButton-Output?

Post by squiggle » 16 Aug 2013, 11:42

The Touch Button Node's ability to differentiate between "SingleTap" and "TapAndHold" is a great idea in theory, however I constantly run into problems using these outputs. This starts with unreliable Touch Screens, and gets worse with the many different levels of user's "touch skills" (the fat-fingered slow poke, the ephemeral fairy, the hyperactive basher, the frightened OAP etc. etc.).

After trying a lot of touch option (Devive / Interaction settings) I found the most reliable method to detect (button-)touches to be this: connect the (boolean) "TouchPressed" to an Event's "Shot" property.

If you guys have any other ideas (or comments on this method) I'd love to hear about it.


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Re: Most reliable TouchButton-Output?

Post by chriss0212 » 16 Aug 2013, 21:19

hi sq

im using the on pressed too!

in combination with timers this is for me the best way to decide between tab and touch!



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Re: Most reliable TouchButton-Output?

Post by schub » 30 Aug 2013, 09:19

the fat-fingered slow poke, the ephemeral fairy, the hyperactive basher, the frightened OAP etc. etc.
hah, i know these! :lol:

Well, the original button events work great for mouse input, but as chris said, for touchscreens/radarTouch/etc. you have to build your own touch events.

I extended the touch button with 4 nodes to make it very reliable for most touch devices.
adv_touch_btn.PNG (8.58 KiB) Viewed 3011 times
The bottom two events are optional, important are 2 events with their shot connected to touch.pressed, one of them going through an invert(logical).
event.pressed starts a reverse timer (start.time defines TapAndHold minimal duration), the timers elapsed event is your TapAndHold.
The released.event.enabled is connected to timer.running, and its output is your SingleTap, this also resets the timer.

The benefit of this is not only an better Tap recognition (if touch started on button and is moved outside before release, it will still trigger) but also that the SingleTap behaves like most UI buttons (trigger on release)

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