Cluster and Remoting4

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Cluster and Remoting4

Post by Tane » 16 Nov 2023, 17:16

Hello everybody.
"Long time listener, first time caller."
I have purchased Core Runtime to run show that i have, but in that package there is no Cluster license. I have a 3rd party application that uses Remoting4, through Cluster to start the render engine and control and run the show, as per the documentation. Since I don`t have Cluster license, I obviously cannot do that.
Is there a way to use Remoting4 without the Cluster and if there is, how? BTW, the show is meant to be played from only one render engine.
Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

All the best,


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Re: Cluster and Remoting4

Post by Karol » 17 Nov 2023, 16:09

Hi T!

The Romoting4 Cluster class shares only the name with the Machine Clustering functionality that needs a special license.
So your remoting will work without Cluster license option.

Best Regards

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