Ventuz 7 - render to disk

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Ventuz 7 - render to disk

Post by Avisak » 16 Apr 2023, 18:49

Hey guys,

definitely some interesting features in V7, but getting into new mapping was really maddening. Actually getting some output in designer was trial and error for two days!

But now I have serious issue. In Render to disk, I always used it for 2 things. 1) Render preview of the whole screen - "Designer preview" for clients and 2) To be able to make pixel precise mask for all the different segments od LED panels for my various reasons and uses (now called "screens" in the new mapping system).

Its interesting to be able to render all the screens in separate files, although I cant imagine any actual use for it, but seriously, we need to be able to render out Designer preview! Is there something I missed?

Thank you very much, I hope you can help me.


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Re: Ventuz 7 - render to disk

Post by Dennis » 17 Apr 2023, 14:48

Hey Avis,

thanks for letting us know. I have created a Ticket for the RTD feature! Sorry for the trouble!



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