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Particle System - Nexus renderer - Material reference

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Particle System - Nexus renderer - Material reference

Post by wiidee » 12 Jan 2023, 15:13

Ventuz Designer is crashing on trying to load Material from a property in Particle system Nexus renderer.

How to replicate:
Empty scene -> add Particle System to hierarchy -> in the default particle stream add Nexus renderer -> in either Triangles or Edges or Points try to change Material into Property -> crash.

Tested on Ventuz 6.12 and 6.11 both licenced and community, on different laptops and computers with Nvidia gpu.

Ventuz Nexus bug.png


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Re: Particle System - Nexus renderer - Material reference

Post by Karol » 16 Jan 2023, 11:21

Hi adam!

Thanks for the report.
I can confirm the bug.

Best Regards

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