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Blackmagic 4K Extreme is no more working with V6.5

Posted: 13 May 2020, 12:11
by serourian
Hi, I am trying to configure output to Blackmagic 4k Extreme the ventuz configuration give me errors (VMS errors) . Also, even if I use any other configuration such as Double Screen (Direct X) , when the blackmagic card is found, V6.5 crashes. If I remove the card, it doesn't crash. I installed older versions of the Blackmagic Video, nothing worked. After all, I uninstalled V6.5 and installed V6.4, everything is working perfectly as expected. So there is a bug somewhere in V6.5 with the Blackmagic card....

( I am using the blackmagic card within a thunderbolt case)

I have deltacast card too, but still didn't try to see if It has any problems with V6.5 yet.....

Vatche Serourian