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Master Playlist

Post by Kabixx » 18 Dec 2018, 22:24

During a show when u are using Director and have 3-4(or more) different playlists it is sometimes hard to jump to a specific moment in show (let's say we have to follow Event scenario, we have to omit some part of the show, which forces us to change something quickly on every Playlist). Creating something like a Master Playlist, would allow us to work with only one Playlists which would control others. Other programs like Watchout, GreenHippo, Disguise that are more Timeline based, have to use jump commands to jump to a specific part of the timeline. I believe that in Ventuz something like a Master Playlist would be more suited.
This kind of Playlist could look like this(i hope that formatting won't spoil it :D )
Master Playlist
|Playlist1 | Playlist2 | Playlist3 | Playlist4

1. BCG1Page | PipPage1 | Empty/ClearPort | LiveInput
2. BCG2Page | PipPage2 | MagicPage1 | LiveInput2
3. BCG3Page | PipPage3 | Empty/ClearPort | LiveInput2
4. BCG4Page | PipPage4 | MagicPage3 | LiveInput2
5. BCG5Page | PipPage5 | LeaveLastActive | LiveInput2
6. BCG4Page | PipPage4 | MagicPage2 | LiveInput2
7. BCG4Page | PipPage4 | DoNothing | LiveInput2
8. BCG4Page | PipPage4 | DoNothing | LiveInput2
9. BCG4Page | PipPage4 | DoNothing | LiveInput2

So for example:
Going from number 2 to number 5 would result in using MagicPage1 in Playlist3.
Going from number 2 to number 3 would result in using not using anything in Playlist3.
Going from number 2 to number 9 would result in using MagicPage2.

I would also add another collumn just to have place to write our own Text(so we could name those parts of the show for better navigation). Maybe the ability to Color row.

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