1:1 Pixel Preview for Designer

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1:1 Pixel Preview for Designer

Post by Eric_RD » 03 Mar 2020, 12:19

as we are developing applications for multiple 4k display installations the project stage sizes tend to grow bigger and bigger.
And even though we work with large (47") 4k displays for development the render preview sometimes is too small to place tiny elements and align them pixel perfect.
I am aware of the stage editor / render config capapilities (clustering the stage and rendering machine preview).
But a simple button in the designer that "zooms" in and gives me a 1:1 pixel on pixel preview (like in any photo edit software) would be perfect.
(if you do that maybe a 2:1 or X:1 option would be nice for smaller Displays like Laptops)

Any opinions on that?

Regards, Eric

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Re: 1:1 Pixel Preview for Designer

Post by lerou » 03 Mar 2020, 13:20


I've been asking for that for years...

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Re: 1:1 Pixel Preview for Designer

Post by Naggar » 19 Jun 2020, 09:25

i believe theres a shortcut available for that already.

Try this:
1. Click on viewport
2. Press tab
3. Hold Ctrl + Shift wherever you want to zoom

then you can move the mouse around to the areas you want to check

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