LTC Timecode Threshold

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LTC Timecode Threshold

Post by Eric_RD » 07 Feb 2019, 11:17

we recently did some Timecode shows using Timecode Events.
Problem was that the LTC Timecode Node started jumping to random timecodes after a few seconds of silence on the LTC Line In.
One Jump every 2-5 Seconds in average.
I think this may be caused by an (software) autogain feature raising the gain to maximum and then interpreting the loud noise as Timecode.
We used different Sound Devices (Steinberg UR22 MKII, Behringer FCA1616, Internal Mainboard Sound Device) which all worked fine as long as LTC Signal was present.
We also used different LTC Sources, same effect on all devices.
The Hardware Gain (if accessable on the Device or via Driver) was adjusted correctly.

We build a workaround in Ventuz (only pass Timecode if two following Timecode Stamps are within a few milliseconds) but a fixed gain would be a better solution I think. Maybe configurable in the config editor.

Best Regards, Eric

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