Director Backup in topology

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Director Backup in topology

Post by Naggar » 05 Dec 2018, 10:38

Hi guys,

I have a big request for some more stability while using Director.
For all of our live shows we always have to use a two machines for director control, one main and one backup, in case one crashes for any reason; we would be able to continue queuing from the other machine.
There are lots of things that can go wrong with this setup considering the sync between two machines, the time to update every change, having to restart the backup director application after a sync update, not to mention requiring two director keys for one show.

So I would like to suggest an update for Director. For users - this could be something adjusted in the topology:
Would it be possible to have a "master - client" system in the topology, not just for the clusters, but also for the director machines.
If we could link two machines running and controlling director together; having live updates to playlists, preview and program outputs, etc.. Basically both Director controls mirroring each other; and if one of the machines crash or lose connection, the other machine would still queue the content.

Limiting two director keys to one for a setup like this would be a bonus, but its mainly because sometimes we have multiple shows running in different locations so we cant always have two keys for one show.
this could work in a way that the client director machine can detect the license of the Master machine through network. And if it would detect that the master machine is off or not visible on the network (thus the license is not available anymore) it would give the user 5 minutes time frame (like Universe-control) to plug in the key into the Client Machine, or to reboot the Master machine before director completely stops working.

Please let me know if this is a possible update for Ventuz in the not too distant future :D


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