Assembly Folder

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Assembly Folder

Post by Eric_RD » 16 Oct 2018, 15:27

Every now and then Windows 10 deletes Assemblies added to the GAC.
Which is terrible having to manage multiple fixed installations running dozens of workstations and clients calling in that the software doesn't run as it should...
It easy to fix but very time consuming and annoying.

I think the best way to handle this would be an "Assembly" or "bin" Folder within the Ventuz Project.
then you can handle Assemblies as Assets and manage them in the same way.

Pleas do this!
Thank you.

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Re: Assembly Folder

Post by lerou » 17 Oct 2018, 08:06

Oh it would be wonderful to have Assemblies loaded from a project folder. Not only is it annoying to add the assemblies to the GAC, it also requires strongly named assemblies. Now if you have some lib that has several dependencies, getting that done is a real hassle. So YES PLEASE!

btw. I did request this before, even in person ;)

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Re: Assembly Folder

Post by VincentPix » 23 Nov 2018, 09:45

Great idea !

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Re: Assembly Folder

Post by SamTheSwede » 25 Nov 2018, 11:07


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