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NDI Stream Out

Post by Naggar » 29 Jul 2020, 11:08

Hi everyone,

Since we've been having a bunch virtual stuff happening lately I've been experimenting with NDI but I need to understand a bit more about that with ventuz. I'll jump straight to the questions :)
- What preperations, setups and software installations can i do to my windows system before running a Ventuz instance?
- What are the main causes for frame drops and what would be the best way to output NDI stream with as little frame drops as possible (please suggest optimization solutions)
- Config editor: in the advanced settings of NDI out would It be better to increase "Extra buffers"?
- Config editor: "Low Latency" and "Synchronized" flags: whats the best setup for the least frame drops
- Output resolution of the NDI "Frame format" is different from the Render setup resolution? and how does this affect the latency?


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