Transitions between scenes in presentation

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Transitions between scenes in presentation

Post by Vlad » 20 Jan 2020, 07:48

Greetings Ventuzians!

For a long time I cannot solve the problem of interactive presentation making.
It 's something like interactive catalogue, containing subsections with additional information ( technical characteristics, images, video, interactive 3D models).

To implement a multilevel structure, I tried to use several ways, but in each I encountered the same problem of input and output animation (transitions).
It is very important that the input/output animation will be played from downloaded to the port scenes.

I tried to use: Scene Port, Layer Switch and Template engine.

In «Scene Port» and «Layer Port» I used «Scene event» node.
It works, but if you leave the scene and then come back, for a moment we see the state of the scene before we left it, and only a moment later the input animation is played. That is, the “Scene event” fires with delay and looks not good.

Output animation cannot be seen because «Scene Port» and «Layer Port» switches faster than output animation plays.
This problem is easily solved by using “slide manager”, in which input and output animations works correctly.
But Slide Manager cannot switch to the specified slide, only forward-backward and reset.

Please tell me how I can solve this problem? Without animated transitions, the presentation does not look very good.


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Re: Transitions between scenes in presentation

Post by Naggar » 10 Feb 2020, 13:45

I'm not 100% clear on the trouble you're having, but if I understand correctly, you want a stable (no jumps) transition between your scenes with the flexibility of transitioning to any scene from any scene. also you want to be able to control multiple sections and interactions in each scene.
And yes I also dont like the fact that you cannot switch to specified slides using Slide manager.

If your subsections are not too complicated, then you can try to use "all to all" states so that you can go from any position to any other. that way whenever that scene is done you can simply go to the "end" state and transition to the next scene. However if each scene has a set of complicated subsections, then you need to create more logic for each scene. Think of every scene as a touch screen application - when all interactions are done, you can go back to the "home screen" - and from there you can transition to the next scene.

For transitions of scenes I often use Arguments with some logic. Lets say i have 5 scenes. I would assign an ID for each slide and each one has an in and out animation. My logic would include a value buffer and a simple int expression: (A==B?1:0) where (A) would be my current argument (all slides should connect to this Integer) and (B) would be the ID of the specific slide. So whenever A==B is true that means that means that all slides should animate out but the specified slide should animate in. You can use damper and alpha as an addition to make sure that your animations are fully blocked, and you can use buffers to bypass that change until the previous animations are completely animated out.

also a tip.. there is a way to expose properties from any scene to "Main scene" (where all your sceneports are) and edit those values (you can find it when pressing the Pencil in the scene port layer but its kind of not editable until you right click and select edit interface, then you just press cancel - Ventuz plz fix this :D). So another option could be to simply expose the keyframe animation of the full scene port, and animate that in the Main scene manually.

Hope this helped

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