Cluster Touch Control

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Cluster Touch Control

Post by zebialowicz » 14 Aug 2019, 10:19

Hi !

I have a question.
I tried to do show, where i have 2 machines:
- 1 machine is just a ,,display,, where is my proper content with 3D Elements
- Second machine is something like ,,Panel Control,, where i have my UI to control 3D Elements on first machine.

And now is my problem, i tried to use Cluster Data Node, Cluster Task Node, my machines are in same network, i did setup for Cluster Rendering for 2 machines, my Machines are in same group, my Machines have diffrent ID, Machine with controll Panel is set as Master, second machine is set as Client.
Even touch wont work in runtime, only if i run my project in Designer i can touch on my objects and that works (but still only on 1 machine), but outside -> nope.

Im not sure what im doing wrong, any ideas ? :) Or if u need more information please ask :)

Jodaine Moore
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Re: Cluster Touch Control

Post by Jodaine Moore » 02 Sep 2019, 14:41

Hi @zebialowicz, Have you checked the documentation?

especially this bit: "Note that the Cluster nodes only work in Ventuz Runtime in multi-machine setups if all machines have the Cluster Feature License installed!"

If not here is a link to the Cluster Synchronization : ... ml?itm=155

For further troubleshooting : ... ditor.html


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