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Touch paint dual screen annotation

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Touch paint dual screen annotation

Post by Spyderman1 » 27 Jan 2023, 00:22

New to Ventuz. Looked through loads of the tutorial videos.
Trying to create dual screen 1920 x 1080 project in designer.

Looking to on screen 1 create a touch screen canvas able to change paint Color’s and have a few buttons to advance background video. A bit like a telecaster. On screen 2 to just show bkd video with annotation over the top to put into a projector. So same on both screens apart from not showing buttons.

Created a few things but stuck. Managed to create drawing canvas and touch buttons. But stuck on how to display the annotated paint / bkd video in the 2nd screen.
Any advice would be awesome.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Touch paint dual screen annotation

Post by Dennis » 02 Feb 2023, 08:34

@spyderman1 - i moved your post into the right topic section - chances are better to get a reply here in the "how to" section ;)

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