Ventuz 6.10.00 released!!!

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Ventuz 6.10.00 released!!!

Post by Dennis » 28 Sep 2021, 14:55

Hello Hello!

We released a fresh and new Ventuz version which read V6.10.0!

More than 10 new Features and several Bugfixes are ready for you.

Grab your release HERE

A quick introduction for the release:


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Re: Ventuz 6.10.00 released!!!

Post by Naggar » 12 Oct 2021, 13:32

amazing features guys !!

I've noticed that we have some changes in this update to the properties that have node connections.. now connecting inputs to inputs makes the "sending" input orange as well as the "receiving" input.. is this intentional? (previously an input that is orange was an indicator to us that you cannot drag this input to anything since its already taking another variable) - if it is intentional - not the end of the world :D but i personally preferred it the old way.
but could we at least go back to having white little circles to the properties connected to scene data instead of the orange? its getting a little confusing to know whether the property is connected to to a content/hierarchy node or scene data property, also havent tested project data yet, but i hope thats still purple.


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Re: Ventuz 6.10.00 released!!!

Post by Karol » 12 Oct 2021, 16:55

Hi Naggar,

it's possible that this bugfix form 6.9.4 introduced a new bug.
We have to double-check this.

Best Regards

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