144Hz monitor frequency

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144Hz monitor frequency

Post by savalish » 03 Jun 2020, 20:19


I am choosing a notebook that will be Ventuz compatible and I have concerns about 144Hz monitor on a lot of new gaming notebooks. How it will affect Ventuz and can I use Ventuz on this? I dont want to end up with animations and videos playing wrongly, crazy fast. Is there a way how to take care of it in a configuration setup?

Thank you.


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Re: 144Hz monitor frequency

Post by Jan » 04 Jun 2020, 15:55

Hi Jakub,
Your monitor wont affect the Animations you make. I am currently working with a 240Hz monitor.
As in any other case, to make sure they run the same on every system you just need to make sure that all the systems work with the same configuration. E.g: dont work on your project with a 60fps config when your target system only runs on a 30fps config.
Easiest to do is just leave the FPS cap on "none" so Ventuz will handle the timings on its own. And as long you dont cap it on one pc the animations will always play in the same speed.



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