Webinars - for free & Tuesday Talk

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Webinars - for free & Tuesday Talk

Post by Dennis » 28 Apr 2020, 11:50

Hello dear Ventuzian!

We already held and will have some Webinars upcoming. You are invited to join them for free.... well the only thing you have to spend is some time :)

These Webinars cover different aspects, features and tips&tricks for the Ventuz designer!
The estimated runtime for a webinar differs between 1 and 2 hours.

Also we will have the so called "Tuesday Talk with Roy".
Roy will have different guests and they will give you a small insight about their recent projects.
Check out the schedule and join the conversation!

I have a rough schedule for you - subject to changes

08.04.2020 Webinar Wednesday Particle Tutorial - Fireworx Dennis D.
21.04.2020 Done Tuesday Talk Demo Project Particles Inty Sasha Inity+ & Roy
22.04.2020 Done Webinar Wednesday Material Editor Basics Dennis D.
28.04.2020 Done Tuesday Talk Talk Using Ventuz for Live Events Kobbi XLAB & Roy
29.04.2020 Done Webinar Wednesday Substance - Painter & Designer Dennis D.
05.05.2020 Done Tuesday Talk NFL Ventuz Eric Quince & Roy
06.05.2020 Postponed Webinar Wednesday
12.05.2020 Tuesday Talk -
13.05.2020 Done Webinar Wednesday Data input - create a simple weather info screen David P
19.05.2020 Tuesday Talk -
20.05.2020 Webinar Wednesday Animation Basics Jan A.
27.05.2020 Webinar Wednesday Q&A - Ventuz Designer Product Team Ventuz Team

02.06.2020 Tuesday Talk (Interactive) RCA n D.Schafer?
09.06.2020 Tuesday Talk E Sports Talk with Ben Ryle RCA n Ben Ryle
10.06.2020 Webinar Wednesday HDR_IBL_Skybox Dennis D.
16.06.2020 Tuesday Talk (Interactive) RCA w PatWag?
17.06.2020 Webinar Wednesday Mesh Import - FBX-glTF Dennis D.
23.06.2020 Tuesday Talk
24.06.2020 Webinar Wednesday VR in Ventuz - Explained based on the HTC VIVE Dennis D.
30.06.2020 Tuesday Talk
01.07.2020 Webinar Wednesday
Keep in mind this is just a rough schedule and can be changed any time!

Enjoy and Stay Safe!

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Re: Webinars - for free & Tuesday Talk

Post by Dennis » 19 May 2020, 10:14

Meanwhile you could find the last Tuesday-Talks and Webinars on our Youtube Channel ;)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=02ZRA2- ... FGAMp17yq7

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