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Version Control

Post by craig » 26 Feb 2019, 13:22

Hi Ventuz Forum!

I'm sure we're not alone in using a number of different tools and environments as part of our projects - Visual Studio, Unity, Adobe CC, Cinema4D and of course Ventuz. We currently use quite an 'old fashioned' version control system that has a local server hosted on our premises. It's a legacy system that does the job most of the time, but doesn't deal with large files very well and can be very slow. The main reason we keep using it is because it's got a really familiar UI that's similar to Windows Explorer, and a simplified set of commands that work for us.

But for various reasons the time has come to move on to a new version control system. I'm looking in to using the Azure DevOps services - we're already paying for them as part of our various MS Office and Microsoft Partner Network subscriptions, so it's made sense to look at it as a first option, but I will be looking at GitHub and BitBucket licence costs too. We get some great integration into Visual Studio, and in my test environment I'm using Altassian SourceTree as a UI to manage repositories outside of Visual Studio.

So my question is three part -
- Do any other Ventuz users use version control (git/svn etc) to manage their projects?
- If so, how do you do this effectively?
- Are there any recommended practices from the Ventuz dev team to help us manage our Ventuz projects, or are there any plans for something like GIT integration in the future?

I look forward to hearing some opinions. :)

Craig Hann
Kinetic Pixel

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Re: Version Control

Post by lerou » 15 May 2019, 17:17

sure, I use git. However, you need a different workflow: overwriting your resources instead of numbering the files manually. Unfortunately, Ventuz won't reload textures unless the auto update flag is set, which you don't want to have set on all textures in production. Would be great to have a refresh resources button.

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