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glTF 2.0 Update to the V6.02 release

Posted: 20 Nov 2018, 13:55
by Dennis
Hey Ventuzians..

we have a bunch of new supported features for the glTF format.
We have added Bones animations and support skinned meshes! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: 8-)
You can access the embedded animations via the "animations rig" node.

see this Feature Video for more:

Feel free to ask any more questions :mrgreen:



Re: glTF 2.0 Update to the V6.02 release

Posted: 19 Feb 2019, 15:23
by kaszubowski
Hey Dennis,

very cool stuff, thanks for this innovation. I tried to import a few models ... e.g. models from the link under your Video:

I get different fails during import. An Object from Mixamo converted with the following converter works:

It would be great if you have any informations about special format typs or export parameters. Thanks!


Re: glTF 2.0 Update to the V6.02 release

Posted: 25 Feb 2019, 17:45
by Dennis
Hey Philipp,

personally i use 3dsmax and therefore the Babylon.js script/plugin to export all my animated meshes/models.
Everything works fine so far.

One of the things you really need to take care of is to limit "maximum vertext per bones to 4". This can be set in any other application as well and is a must. glTF can not handle more than 4 vertices per bone. Usally it will spit out an error message and or not export the model at all.

None of the 3D tools i know have an implemented glTF exporter, therefore there may be some issues here and there... 3dsmax did work best for me personally... next to blender...

It would be interesting to know which models did throw an error, especially the ones from Khronos! All version 2 should work if got the developer right.
our actual supported format is glTF model 2.