Ventuz 6.2 Release

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Ventuz 6.2 Release

Post by Dennis » 19 Nov 2018, 16:47

Ahoi Ventuzians,

we have released Ventuz 6.2 with a bunch of new features and some bug fixes....

Just a small example....

FEATURE F7407 ShrinkToFit Text Effect node now provides the resulting bounding box of the manipulated text.
FEATURE F7786 Added Audio Balance property to MovieClip and MovieStream nodes.
FEATURE F8828 Port Layer now have a new property to disable Layer culling. This was introduced to prevent problems with Template Engine (Take not processed) caused by blocked Port Layers outside the view frustum.
FEATURE F9949 It's now possible to enable Touch/Interaction for Offscreen Layer. But this only works correctly if the Layer has fullscreen size!
FEATURE F10184 Particle System: Added option to disable particle streams without resetting the particle system.

glTF2.0 Features have been improved to support Bones and Skinned Objects...
and so on and so on..

The Release Notes can be found Here!

give it a go and find the download there -> Ventuz 6.02.00

See whats new:



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