Ventuz 6.1 Beta Release

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Ventuz 6.1 Beta Release

Post by stephen » 23 Jul 2018, 14:53

Hi all!

Today we share a feature complete pre-release of Ventuz 6.1 with you.

This is a Beta Release, meaning:
  • No guarantees that it is stable. Do not use for production!
  • No guarantees that scenes built with this version will be openable with the official release.
  • Documentation for most features is done but not polished nor complete.
  • Still, this release only works with a valid Ventuz License for the product you want to try out.
You can download the installer from ... a2_x64.exe

Please provide us with feedback of any kind in this thread or at Especially bug reports and feedback on the new features are very welcome!

For an idea of the new features here is a list, more details can be found in the local release notes as well as the user manual:

  • Render Triangles, Edges and Points from Particles using the Nexus Rendering Modules
  • Particle Render Order on Sprite and Mesh Renderers
  • Particle Touch for feedback on hovered or clicked Particles
  • Surface Renderer for Particles to render a Mesh from Particles
  • 3 Dimensional Rotation of Particles
  • Swizzle Node to freely apply and reorder channels of Particle Attributes
  • Sprites are now properly lit e.g. for smoke effects with particle system
  • absolute 2D Displacement mapping
  • Layer Effect: Invert RGBA
  • Design Eyepoint to support correct reflections in Projection Mapping setups
  • GLTF 2 Support or Geometry Import
  • Samsung Odyssey VR Support
  • Array Ease and Ease Morph Nodes to interpolate floats and doubles in arrays

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Re: Ventuz 6.1 Beta Release

Post by zding » 24 Jul 2018, 07:41

Array Ease and Ease Morph Nodes!It helped me a lot.Thanks Dennis!

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