Delay node bug

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Delay node bug

Post by serourian » 29 Apr 2018, 17:24

There is a delay node bug I found. I am making a game where balls hit each other, and between balls there are some delays that I am using so that the balls go after each other with delays...

Anyway, the bug is as follows:

If the Delay storage delay value gets changed programmatically,after that the (not the same time you pass the input value) the delay input and output differ !!!!!!
There is a bug in the logic.... no mated what storage value I enter, it should always have to change the output value until it reaches to the input value.

So, instead, I passed the Input value to a switch (the origrinal value at A, and the delayed value at B),and I switched between them to overcome the problem.

Vatche Serourian

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Re: Delay node bug

Post by Karol » 03 May 2018, 10:29

Hi Vatche,

can you please post a small demo scene with some description what you expect if you change the values?

Best Regards

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