Cinema4D LiveLink - 3D Splines - usage with Particles

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Cinema4D LiveLink - 3D Splines - usage with Particles

Post by Dennis » 22 Feb 2018, 11:12

Hello Hello,

just a short info about splines and how to import/use them:

first create a Path in Cinema4D (can ba a spline created with the "pen" or a Text element). Make it a Child of a Null Node and apply the Ventuz Tags (Setup- and Object Tag)
Now create a "Geometry Import Live" Node and link the "null" - click update and it will show this in the Heirarchy-, Content- and Properties Editor
You can now make use of the Path and simply colorize it (since no material is applied you would need to apply a material and use the "Color - No Light" for example
To use the Path later or for a Particle system its wise to save the whole scene one time, this will also generate and save VPATH inside of the ventuz structure in the geometry folder. You can rename or use the generated file and will find the correct name when you click the "Path Provider" inside the content editor
You can create a Particle System with a "Path Emitter" and use the Spline there as well. Simply create a Particle System and add a "Emitter Module called PATH"
Load the "VPATH File" and select "Ventuz 3D Path"
Find it in the Geometry folder and select the correct VPATH to be loaded
Now you can make use of the loaded VPath Emitter. USe it as a secondary stream or simply as it is :)
We will provide you with some Particle Presets soon, so that you get a better understanding how the Particle System can be used.
Please give us a moment :)

Meanwhile feel free to ask and comment!




You can Laod a SVG Path as well, so you are not forced to import/livelink only Cinema4D Splines. SVG Path is just 2D and NOT 3D!

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