FFT audio analyzer

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FFT audio analyzer

Post by dipinwason » 22 Feb 2018, 10:11

hi team first of all thanks for the particle system
but my query is that have you discontinued the FFT audio analyzer or modified it into analyze audio.And there is no description about it so don't know what to expect from it

thanks in advance


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Re: FFT audio analyzer

Post by Avisak » 22 Feb 2018, 16:19

Hi. I gave it a try and find out you can get the old way by attaching an "array" node to the "Analyze audio" node data output. Although Im lacking any softening. Then you can make a texture out of sound, although I dont see many practical application except for sound engineeers in that state.. Im attaching the scene for you.

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Re: FFT audio analyzer

Post by ErikB » 23 Feb 2018, 00:07

Hi Guys,

So yes, the audio analysis node takes over from the FFT.

It can handle either Waveform (oscilloscope) or Spectral or pure volume, and can output a float array, a gradient, or a 2D texture. In data mode, you don't need to attach an array node, it already is an array. Just connect it directly to the input of a chart node (or drive particles with it)

the smoothing is now a high pass filter.

Practical applications for the texture? Pipe it into a displacement map or into the particle system and go nuts. (for example, make a particle grid of cylinders, then use the audio 2D texture to drive the position of the particles in Y; or use the output gradient (1D texture) to drive something interesting)

Have fun!

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Re: FFT audio analyzer

Post by Avisak » 23 Feb 2018, 08:58

That sounds like a fun! :) Im just scratching the surface of the particles, but im really looking forward to get into it :)

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