ventuz 5 director "Direct3D create Texture failed"

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ventuz 5 director "Direct3D create Texture failed"

Post by Naggar » 07 May 2018, 14:53

Hi Guys
Im having a serious issue with my Director show..
I'm using Lenovo laptop (graphics: Geforce GTX 1060) to run director and two 2 CPUs for program. This is the first time i use a laptop for director, so the problem might be from the machine itself, but i just updated my graphics driver, and the issue still persists. My issue is that I cannot see my preview and program in Director. Everything cues and takes correctly on my main and backup CPUs but I dont have any view so I'm basically running the show blind. Whenever I start the Ventuz in the Laptop I recieve an error as you can see in the "messages" screenshot. and I've tried multiple AV configs.. different framerates and different resolutions.. Any ideas?

Thanks, / Naggar..
error messages
also tried none, also not setting program and preview.. still not working

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