Excel custom range string

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Excel custom range string

Post by Eric_RD » 04 Oct 2017, 15:02

I don't know if this is a bug or a "feature".
If I create a Custom range with String Outputs and enter a number in the corresponding field the output is empty.
Undestandable but in my case not what I want. I am reading RFID-Tag-Numbers which can have letters but sometimes only consist of numbers.
What I don't understand is, even when I declare this field explicitly as text in Excel the output stays empty.
From my point this is inconsistent to the automatic type conversions elsewhere in Ventuz where you can connect an int-output to a string-input for example.

By now I have solved this with an easy workaround, maybe some other users or you guys from Ventuz can share their opinion on this.
Tanks, Eric

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