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RFID reader and textfield

Posted: 09 Sep 2017, 10:59
by Vassilis
Hi guys,
I think there is a bug with textfield node in Version V5.3.3

I use an RFID reader and a RFID tag with number 0027249828.
During the programming, I saw that the textfield node, it is not read all the time the same number.
Some times read the correct 0027249828 and other times read 0022497828 , 0072429828 or 0027298248.

I thought that there is a issue with the RFID reader or the RFID tag, but when I used them out of ventuz (with the notepad application),
the result was correct all the time (0027249828) .


Re: RFID reader and textfield

Posted: 14 Sep 2017, 15:54
by Götz_B
Hi Vassilis,

So you have some kind of RFID reader that simulates keyboard inputs... ? As single digits or the number as a whole... ?
Would be great if you could shed some light.



Re: RFID reader and textfield

Posted: 14 Sep 2017, 20:56
by Vassilis
Hi Gotz,

This is like the RFID reader and RFID tags that I am talking about : ... lZTzL9rnew

Each RFID tag simulates a uniqe series of numeric digits (10 digits). So when I approach the RFID tag to the RFID reader, the textfield node accept this like a keyboard inputs.
The problem is that, the incoming series of digits number (with the same RFID tag) it is not all the time the same.
Some times the textfield node "read" the correct series of digits that is : 0027249828 and other times "read" 0022497828 , 0072429828 or 0027298248