Scene Data and Text Effect

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Scene Data and Text Effect

Post by joysprod » 07 May 2017, 10:33

I'm having a problem using scene data to populate a number of text fields in a project I am working on. Please see the example enclosed.

In 'A_B' it is working correctly. 'B's text is acquired from the scene data A_B, and correctly shows in B

In 'C_D' is is also working correctly where 'C's text is sent to C_D in scene data, and D correctly shows the content from C, but see below...

My problem is the only way to make this work is to do the connections first without the Text Effect. Then add the text effect after. If you drop in a Text Effect first, then try and connect using Scene data you are not presented with the same options. So in the example above, break the connections to Scene Data C_D and try and reconnect.

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Joe Styles
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Re: Scene Data and Text Effect

Post by Joe Styles » 11 May 2017, 12:21

Hi Peter!

Silence from Ventuz on this one! I am a bit confused on what you are trying to do here as well though.
Not sure how you created those links for the properties to be the targets of the scene data? I know you can create the scene data properties by hovering right over the top root in the scene data tree or clicking right on a property and select add to scene data. I tend to do the latter as it is quicker.

Not sure it will help but I've done both methods on your scene and they work if you change the scene data.

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