NDI Timecode

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NDI Timecode

Post by SamTheSwede » 11 Aug 2017, 10:46

A great addition for the NDI workflow would be if you in the custom model of the Live Input node could read out the NDI timecode as you can with LTC and VITC for SDI.

Would that be possible?


// Sam

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Daniel Willer
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Re: NDI Timecode

Post by Daniel Willer » 16 Aug 2017, 13:09

Hi Sam,

Not sure if it is possible but I will ask for it.


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Re: NDI Timecode

Post by sandercox » 24 Aug 2017, 06:31

NewTek also added a whole bunch of timecode related stuff to their newly release v3 version of the API. So in general I'd say it should be possible

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