Mix and analyze audio

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Mix and analyze audio

Post by SamTheSwede » 22 May 2017, 13:22

I've been trying out the extended NDI capabilities here and putting up 32 NDI sources in a multivewer-scene inside of Ventuz works great!

What I miss is the ability to throw an FFT-audio analyzer on an Input without having to route the audio to an internal Ventuz Audio channel first.

And.... if I would like to analyze 32x16 audiochannels, I'd need a lot more Ventuz audiochannels than A-H. (In reality it would be more like 4 audiochannels per input to analyze)

When on the subject of audio, A simple channel router (as a node) would be great! This is a task I've come across:

I want to route the audio from track 1 of an embedded videosource (A LEFT) to embedded audiotrack 4 (B RIGHT) on the output side, or even create a fake stereo output from one mono input. This is nothing that can be simply done today. (or I'm missing something?)

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