Touch Transformation Node Scaling Center

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Touch Transformation Node Scaling Center

Post by Naggar » 24 Oct 2018, 07:22

I was hoping we could get an update for the touch transformation node.
The problem I have is when the output hits the max scaling limit. if "ApplyTransformationCenter" Flag is enabled, I get my Rotation correct, but if im at my scaling limit and keep scaling, the position offsets from my touchpoints. If I have the "ApplyTransformationCenter" Flag Disabled, then My Scaling and position is working perfectly fine, but my rotation center is the center of the object rather than the touch points.
So is there a way we could have an update on the Node to have Seperate scaling center and seperate rotation center to fix this?

Heres a video showing what I mean.
Please see this video: ... FbqLXX-zun

Please note this issue is both for Ventuz 5 and 6

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Re: Touch Transformation Node Scaling Center

Post by Karol » 26 Oct 2018, 13:23

Hi Naggar,

we are going to improve this with the next updates.

Best Regards

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