Director - too many textures used

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Director - too many textures used

Post by hsen284 » 01 Nov 2018, 15:05

I have a red message in ventuz director (too many textures used)

Does it effect the performance of the scene ?

And how to get rid of the message ? :(

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Re: Director - too many textures used

Post by Dennis » 01 Nov 2018, 15:31


a material inside your scene has too many texture-stages.

keep in mind that if you use a SkyBox you can have only 6 additional textures per material.
If you have no SkyBox you are allowed to have 8 texture-stages.

What happens is that any of the textures of that particular material will be skipped.




you can load the scene in the Designer and click in the message log the magnifier glass at the front of the message to get directly to the material which causes the error.

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