A question about mixing 2D and 3D content

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A question about mixing 2D and 3D content

Post by lindsayhorner » 23 Mar 2017, 10:33


I've got a question about how to mix 2D and 3D content in Ventuz. Basically I need to have various 2D elements (live video, image sequences) that can be masked and mixed behind and in front of (ie. on the Z axis) 3D content using the slide manager and a 3D camera. So far I have not found a way of doing this with any of the supplied nodes, but I am hoping the forum might have some suggestions?
If there is no simple solution to this, I assume I could use some expressions to parent an axis + rectangle to a cameras position (with an offset on Z) and scale it to fill the FOV? If anyone had an example scene with this setup that would be amazing.

(I've also emailed this this question to Ventuz support so will post any replies here)

Thanks in advance

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