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Re: Render To Disk Fullscreen + Runtime

Post by craig » 12 Jun 2017, 15:41

Hi, I see that there's been some changes to the Render To Disk functionality in 5.03.00. Have there been any changes to support Remoting V4 for Render To Disk?

Unfortunately we couldn't make a ventuz-only solution for our project, so just for reference for any one else who might have the same requirements here's our solution.... There are probably better ways, but this is working well for us on a system that's in production!

* First output of an ATI GPU runs our control software
* Second output shows the ventuz output.
* The second output is routed via HDMI into a format converter to HD-SDI
* HD-SDI input into a Blackmagic Decklink Card
* Caspar CG is used to provide capture from the Decklink card and render to disk using DNxHD codec.
* Our control software now implements automation control for both Ventuz and CasparCG.

It's not ideal - and disappointing that we had to fallback onto another character generator/renderer to help us solve this. Hopefully Ventuz can give a timescale when this will be possible with Remoting V4?

Craig Hann
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Re: Render To Disk Fullscreen + Runtime

Post by Karol » 11 Jul 2019, 10:16

Hi all,

I have to withdraw my last answer!
It is possible to mix Remoting 2 RenderToDisk API and a specific part of the Remoting 4 API:
the Cluster.DataItem() commands can be recorded and played out using the RenderToDisk API.
Sorry for the wrong answer - I was not aware of this fact.

Best Regards

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