Updating Repository Objects in Ventuz 5

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Updating Repository Objects in Ventuz 5

Post by Gsand » 01 Nov 2016, 15:31

I have a repository Object that is Interfaced, and I'm wanting to edit the Repository Object then update the Repository Object.
I thought that you were to Ctrl+drag the updated container back onto the Repository Object and it would update, but that does not happen.

Does anyone know how to update a Repository Item?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Updating Repository Objects in Ventuz 5

Post by hummerbaendiger » 07 Nov 2016, 11:08

I think this might be an actual bug in this version, I just ran into it myself. I'll post that one in the bug section as well since this is quite a problem for logic nodes...

Hierarchy containers are working just fine. Problem is with content containers:
You can create new entries in the repository and reference them in your scenes. But you can't update the repository with new content anymore (as you can with hierarchy nodes). Or I'm just doing something wrong... :oops:

Bests, Flo

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Re: Updating Repository Objects in Ventuz 5

Post by Götz_B » 08 Nov 2016, 10:30

Hi everybody,

yes that is a bug.
As Flo already mentioned it's only broken for Content Containers - Hierarchy Containers work.

The Bug is already fixed and will be in the next bugfix release V5.2.1



In general: For those who don't know: If you want to update a repository item is has to be an Interface Container!

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