One Render machina to achieve 5 x 4K playout

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One Render machina to achieve 5 x 4K playout

Post by lison » 28 Jun 2016, 09:52

Hi guys,

I've one potential project. Screen resolution is 19200(W) * 2160(H), i don't wanna use multiple machines for cluster, since budget and Cluster Sync issues.

Currently my proposal is One machine + 2 pieces of Quadro M6000 with 1 Sync Card.

Could i know, is it possible? and how to do it? any one have such kind of experience? BTW, even the hardware can support it, how does the Ventuz side do, possible to render 20K ? if possible, any hint/suggestions to make the Ventuz sences?

thanks so much

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Re: One Render machina to achieve 5 x 4K playout

Post by Dennis » 29 Jun 2016, 09:37

By the matter of fact that the performance would drop massively with this resolution:

no it is not possible to have 5x4k by only ONE machine.

This is what clusters are used for.
What kind of Issues do you expect while running a cluster?

We have dozens of Clients using the Clusters exactly for that reason! Just wait until some more will drop in here ;)



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Re: One Render machina to achieve 5 x 4K playout

Post by Christian Krix Schmidt » 29 Jun 2016, 12:22

Even if you were to get the technical side of such as setup working the performance would be horrible and probably unusable. You wrote that there are issues with cluster sync. There are not in my experience. Don't dismiss cluster. It works and is the only feasible solution for your setup.

As you are concerned with budget I would recommend using two systems equipped with TITAN X. One machine outputs 3x 4K and the other outputs 2x 4K. This should keep things moderate and you still have bearable performance - depends all on the content of course. I just did a project with trip 4K out of a TITAN X and it worked at stable 50fps. However the content did not have a lot of 3D geometry. So I could reduce the AntiAliasing to get more performance. I even rendered the entire content in a 11K x 2K render target to do localized blur effects. So the performance with 3x 4K is ok-ish. Like I said. Depends greatly on the type of graphics you are doing.

I am not sure how the new nVidia 1080 graphics card handle multi-screen setups but if they allow similar configuration setups as a TITAN X then you could save a bit more money there as well. Based on my experience however I would probably avoid creating 2 ultra-highend machines that might or might not deliver the performance and quality that your project needs and go with 5 regular machines with GeForce cards and each one outputs one 4K signal. Yes, you will need 5 Ventuz licenses but you will also get proper performance. There is however also the question of what kind of syncing you need. If you need genlock and framelock then you have to go with Quadro cards and g-sync boards. You could use the same method as above. Use the existing M6000 or the upcoming p6000 to have the maximum possible performance.

So you will have to use at least two machines but more are recommended to get decent performance and quality.

All the best

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Re: One Render machina to achieve 5 x 4K playout

Post by sandercox » 30 Jun 2016, 08:40

Even if your machine would work and that would probably still be the case. Performance could be an issue and also Ventuz is limited to a single system render of 16k x 16k a wider image cannot be rendered by a single computer as far as I'm aware.
Just try to build it in the configuration editor and you will get error messages.


Re: One Render machina to achieve 5 x 4K playout

Post by lison » 01 Jul 2016, 05:16



I SHOULD and DO want to use cluster, but 2 failed installations using cluster made me a little bit afraid. that's why i try to use one machine mentioned above.
For sure i know, Ventuz configuration can only support 16K wide, so this morning i set the layout as 3*2 and then delete 1 display and move 2 display down. then. it works!
however, the performance to render the default is ok about 60 fps, but the performance to render a compalicated scene is just so so around 30fps.

so many people are curious to know, what happened or why i don't want to use cluster. some concerns/comments FYI:
1: the movie/live playout in a scene especially in the middle of the scene is ok at the beginning( maybe 20 hours), but after that no Sync.
2: if i use lasers for interactive, the scene sometime does't sync.
3: i.e., use one machine (4 DP output) for one scene, the performance is perfect(60fps), but use two machines cluster( 2 Dp output each) for same scene, the performance droped down quickly, alomost half 30 fps.

inow i am crazy!!!!!!

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