Ventuz 5 and Windows Taskbar Auto-Hide

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Ventuz 5 and Windows Taskbar Auto-Hide

Post by caipisinha » 06 Sep 2017, 14:12

Hey Guys,

I use Ventuz with Windows 7. My windows taskbar is in auto-hide mode, but everytime Venutz Designer is opened I am not able to get my taskbar back again, and it's completely hidden all the time while Ventuz Designer is running.
When i want to switch between different Software i always have to minimize Ventuz manually.
I've never had this issue with Ventuz 4. Is there something like a fullscreen mode in Ventuz 5 which prevents the windows taskbar from appearing?
Right now I'm not quite sure if this is a special feature, but I prefer using the taskbar to switch between software but don't want it to be always on top. ;-)

I found nothing about this topic in FAQ, help or here in the forum, so maybe someone knows more about this than I do atm and could help me.

Thanks and Cheerio,

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