Ventuz 5... My experience

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Ventuz 5... My experience

Post by chriss0212 » 26 Jul 2016, 14:41

Ok, now i am working with Ventuz5 since day one and i try to work ONLY with Ventuz 5.

I am still feeling very uncomfortable with V5 and i have tried to ask me why.

Of course we have many new features and the look you can produce in V5 is much better compared to V4.... but... and this is just my feeling! Maybe others can work better with V5 but for me i always have the feeling it is much more complex than before.

So why do i have these problems??

I think it is because Ventuz is giving one node to many functionality. Nodes like the material has to many features in once. You have many properties and drop down menus. With Ventuz4 or older i already had the program visual in mind. With all that property blasted nodes.... impossible. I am still searching a lot how to do stuf what was realy easy in V4. Working in Ventuz5 ist...for me... still much slower than in V4.

And again: i don't want to say Ventuz5 is a bad product but for my workflow it is now much slower than V4 ;(

I am very interested what other users say!



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Re: Ventuz 5... My experience

Post by stephan » 26 Jul 2016, 19:46


I fully agree with your opinion. The new features are amazing! But myself I'm unhappy, really unhappy with new workflow.
Just like you my brain (old brain) isn't capable to keep in mind this extensive branching.
My last micro presentation I made with V3 express, and I had a lot of fun.
For a future project with limited time in production (normal case) I don't know how to decide ...

It's interesting to hear some voices of Ventuz new beginners without V4 background.

Greets, Stephan

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Re: Ventuz 5... My experience

Post by ErikB » 01 Aug 2016, 16:17

Hey, just my $0.02 -

So we are getting complaints from a handful of Ventuz power users that v5 is slower to use than v4. And frankly, it's true for many of you. If you know all the shortcuts, dream of Ventuz at night and are used to hammering out a million nodes a second, then V5 is not nearly as streamlined. For anyone who is learning, new or isn't used to v4 (or is not a power user), it is a lot faster.

So, a couple things:

a) we are finding out where the sticky bits are and are improving them - maybe not in the way you expect, but we are. The goal is for v5 and future versions to be at least as fast as v4. Like any race car, the car needed an overhaul, and it will take some time to fine tune the new car to the new engine.
b) there will be things that worked in v4 that will not work the same way in v5. Simply because of technology - we had to make some choices. However, if they don't work the same way AND you articulate the actual goal/use case, we can probably find a different way to do them. The price you pay for getting some of the things we can do now and even more we will do in the next versions is that we had to give up some naughty things that happened to be useful.
c) Again, a reminder to all - complaining about the workflow is great - it lets us know you are having a problem. But we need details. Yes it requires time on your part, but we will never see the things you do. If something is awkward, or you find you cannot do something - let us know. The feedback button is right there, and we read them all.


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Re: Ventuz 5... My experience

Post by stephan » 02 Aug 2016, 15:05

Thanks Eric for your remarks in detail.

V5 introduced wonderful effects and a better technical performance, thank's a lot for this, really.

New layer hierarchy offers me many new opportunities, otherwise all these new effects concerns all elements of this layer.
For example, greenbox-video (great realtime-quality, I'm happy). For keying I need a separate layer for the video to apply the effect. This requires bindings between other nodes on other layers. Expose here, expose there, the handling is time consuming and overviewing the logic is difficult.

Why not applying a blur or other effect on specific texture-node? Then I don't have to leave the layer.

Since weekend I tried to start a new project with V5, and I am frustrated.
In the past I created a new project in my brain before going to bed, and next day I did a rough layout in V4 and it works.
I wish these times would came back.

Many greets,
(I understand you had to do some choices for creating the new workflow...)

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Re: Ventuz 5... My experience

Post by joysprod » 15 Aug 2016, 14:40

Ventuz 5 is a fantastic improvement as regards processing ability over V4, but I also find it very difficult to achieve things which were so easy in V4.

Re-visiting a project that was done some months ago I was completely lost in how I had achieved a certain functionality. Clicking on the nodes I realized that there was no feed back on what they were connected to. Here is just one of the problems to do with user interface.

I have two layers where I needed an IP effect on one layer but not the other. I needed XY rotation so both layers worked 'as one'. I decided, (Maybe the wrong use?) to use the scene data and created 2 float variables. I dragged the X & Y rotation values onto the Scene data for both layers, and I got the little light blue icon to show they were connected to the Scene Data. Ok, so I can adjust the scene data value and both layers act as one. But now i want to control this from another layer so in a third layer I make two float variables, but this time i drag the connection from the Scene Data window onto the float variables. I get no feed back that a connection has been made, and worse when examining the float variable there is nothing to show it is connected to the scene data. Trouble shooting becomes very hard work.

This why I find it so hard. And this was a scene I had built!


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Re: Ventuz 5... My experience

Post by Olivier » 20 Sep 2016, 09:45

For me one thing is annoying!

The "premade" animation in Layers or containers is really often a problem...

I was really used to create and see connections between nodes... So in my workflow I always recreate another animation... So the "main" is unused... But sometimes by control + click some properties they get connected to the "main" anim and not to my new one... I just don't like it!

Thanks !

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