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audio in Director 4

Posted: 21 Jun 2016, 19:55
by donLawrence

I am new to Ventuz and am learning Director 4 on my own.

Yesterday, I designed two simple templates and then made a playlist with them in Director 4. I was using "(local)" topology. The templates involved playing mp4 movies with audio tracks. I was hearing audio from a preview and program item simultaneously, so I wanted to know how to suppress audio in a preview item. Also, yesterday after I closed both Designer and Director, I still heard an audio track from a movie. (I thought I had the Ventuz Runtime off as well, but maybe I didn't.) Today I started using the same templates and heard no audio at all in Director (audio is definitely working on my computer).

Based on past experience, I know that audio can be problematic on a computer, particularly in persisting when it is unwanted or hanging up a computer entirely. Can anyone give me any pointers on using audio in Ventuz in general?

Thanks much.


Re: audio in Director 4

Posted: 28 Jun 2016, 07:24
by sandercox
Ventuz is creating two output pipes for you, one for preview and another for program. For Ventuz this is simply a copy of the same thing, another render engine running on two pipes, all scenes (with audio) have there audio being run twice if that is not what you would want the only thing I know is to design your scene in that way.
Open designer and use the node "System ID" on the outputs you will find information about IsPreview to determine that you are on a preview pipe, and ifso, you could disable audio for instance.

In production sense, I'd say that most often you would have a separate system from the Director running your production runtime and you would only connect the audio outputs of that system to be sure.

Your second issue that audio keeps playing, probably has to do that when Director starts to open a show it will start a local runtime in your system tray (orange Ventuz icon). This runtime will not be shutdown when you close director (to prevent on-air issues should director close/crash for whatever reason), the runtime would just continue to run. You can double click on the icon to open a preview window with your graphics and then close the runtime.

Hopefully this clarifies it a bit.


Re: audio in Director 4

Posted: 28 Jun 2016, 19:14
by donLawrence
Thank you, Sander.


Re: audio in Director 4

Posted: 06 Jul 2016, 13:04
by Götz_B

Sander already described a proper way to solve that in the scenes.
Another way is to use the Mapping. You find in the Audio/Video Configuration. There you can map inputs and outputs like audio/midi to specific pipes.

About your issue that the audio was still running, im pretty sure that the runtime was still running, as Sander wrote.