disable PLE to open designer files

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disable PLE to open designer files

Post by calonpintar » 03 Feb 2016, 21:10

I had a really bad experience on an event and have to edit project on Ventuz designer on last minute. I finished editing, save it and then I realize that my designer USB dongle did not properly inserted and I'm not aware of that. My Ventuz project saved to PLE accidentally and no way to revert back, the show ruined.

I'm looking for autobackup file duplicate or so, still no luck. All backups are too far to work again, and I asked to client how if we show the PLE watermark and he told me "are you kidding me!??" LOL...

I'm using Ventuz 4, don't know if V5 still have this feature. But, please stop making designer version can be opened in other version. Or, at least there is pop-up question to confirm the file opened on PLE and ask for make a copy.


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Re: disable PLE to open designer files

Post by stephan » 04 Feb 2016, 08:58

I know these accidents :D .
First workaround: kill your PLE license.
Greets, Stephan

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Re: disable PLE to open designer files

Post by Dennis » 09 Feb 2016, 14:02

Hey sorry to hear that ...

Next time try to contact us at support(at)ventuz.com
Sometimes its possible to revert back to a "full version".

But if the Show is running in the next 20minutes its a bit complicated to react in time.

I know Productions/Shows can set you under pressure and mistakes happen then more often.
You should ALWAYS keep a backup of your complete scene, save it as a "ShowName_WIP" folder or whatever and work only on that.

I never touch any "Final Shows" and work on that...

best regArts

PS: yes, kill your PLE! The licensemanager will pop up then, if your dongle isnt inserted!

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Re: disable PLE to open designer files

Post by Götz_B » 17 Feb 2016, 16:47

Im also sorry for your ruined show.

But.... uhm... if you accidentially save your scene in the PLE, you can use the scene revisions and go back to the last saved version and everything is fine again.



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