Expose value: default name

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Expose value: default name

Post by lerou » 03 Dec 2015, 11:23


when exposing a value for a node that only has one value (like the variables int, float, ..) - it would be awesome if the default exposure name would be taken from the nodes description.

So usually you put in a float node, rename it to "Height". Then you double click to expose the value. You select the name and change it to "Height". Or you're a pro and use copy&paste. However it would be super awesome if you could just click on the expose button and be sure that it uses "Height" as you've already typed that in as the name.

It's just something to reduce cliks but it might also help to convince people to build cleaner scenes ;)


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Re: Expose value: default name

Post by stephan » 03 Dec 2015, 12:16

welcome feature :D

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Re: Expose value: default name

Post by chriss0212 » 04 Dec 2015, 08:48

i would extend this request....

it would be nice, if you would use user given node name + value name ;)



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Re: Expose value: default name

Post by TVM Cracklings » 04 Dec 2015, 09:00

I would think something like the systematic variable path in Houdini would be great, like e.g. (nodeName/tabName/)varName. Kind of a cool idea. Would really help organizing stuff.

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