Stencil Node + SW Keyer != OK

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Stencil Node + SW Keyer != OK

Post by SamTheSwede » 16 Apr 2018, 15:35

Sorry for nagging about the old lady Ventuz 4, but I've found something odd, and that is that whenever you put anything behind a Stencil SET node if you are working in software keyer mode, the output freezes.

My workaround is to put a new a new Live Video Texture at the bottom of the render order and everything works fine. - My concern is that this is eating more resources than actually needed!

I tried the same setup in Ventuz 5 with the expected result, the stencil can be used without a separate Videolayer.

My question(s) are:
1. Does this workaround affect render performance?
2. Is this the expected behavior, or should we consider this a bug?

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Attached is a simple scene, in which you can drag the rectangle layer behind the Stencil_SET node to see the output freeze.
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