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Render Setup

Post by toodark » 16 Dec 2013, 23:43

1) Was trying to setup a 5 or 6 output display wall our W8000 and a "Club 3D" Display Port Multi Stream Hub.

3 Outputs from the hub worked fine, so did 3 outputs from hub + 1 direct from graphics card.

However when connecting 5 or 6 monitors (3 on hub, rest direct connection) Ventuz Render setup produced this error message

"Failed to create render setup configuration from hardware information. Creating default render setup instead. One or more elements in the cluster has a zero resolution. (Width=0, or height=0)"

To confirm, this is one machine, not a cluster.

Eyefinity created both the 5 and 6 span ok with no issues.

2) The new warping tool is excellent, we'll done, Christie's Twist was good, this is better!
One query about blending, can the tool allow you the adjust the Brightness (Black Level) of each output, ignoring the overlap, allowing you to raise the brightness either side of the blend, to match the brightness of the overlapped region? nothing worse than a VT dipping to black and..... There's the blend!

Thanks team :D

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Daniel Willer
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Re: Render Setup

Post by Daniel Willer » 17 Dec 2013, 11:47

The VentuzMachine Service try to get the adapter information from the Display drivers in some setups the Display driver seems to report a zero size.
If that happens just ignore the automatic RenderSetup creation and create it manually via CTRL+N.



Re: Render Setup

Post by toodark » 17 Dec 2013, 21:58

Many thanks Daniel!

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