Bug or Design?

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Bug or Design?

Post by joysprod » 13 Dec 2013, 15:09

While trouble shooting touches using multiple outputs with either a blend or a bezel (Post http://forum.ventuz.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=3290 ) I needed to show the input Diagnostics in the VPR.

I was just using a single machine in local mode, so used "Alt Return" to make the VPR window smaller. Using the Configuration Editor/Live Mode I could turn on the 'Show Input Diagnostics" to see the mouse and touch positions but then making the VPR Output Full Screen turns this off. It seems that every time I "Alt Return" on the VPR to resize the output and get to the open Configuration Window behind , it clears the settings. Is this by design or a bug? Eventually using a second machine to turn the Diagnostics on.

I also find that only being able to use the interactive nodes in Design Preview and not in Production Preview a real pain as it necessitates creating A VPR each time for trouble shooting.



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Re: Bug or Design?

Post by Karol » 16 Dec 2013, 13:12

Hi Peter,

resetting of the Config settings on Win <-> Fullscreen is definitely a bug!
Concerning the disabled Input in Production Preview: we disabled it because it does not make sense in lot of setups.
Imagine you have a L-like display setup of 3 displays. Your Eyefinity/Mosaic-Setup for this would be 3x1. The preview rendering shows 3x1 displays but moving your Windows mouse on that would not fit to the content which has a L-form.
And what about multi-machine setups?
The functionally of the RenderSetup is such that Input/Touch is mapped correctly according to the display setups including overlap/bezel. Currently there is one limitation in multi-machine setups: you have to turn of the 'BehaviourApply' property on the touch nodes to disable the inertia/physics simulation because this is currently not synced over the different machines and may easily result in different values per machine.


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